NAQ Membership Information

Members of NAQ are professionals interested in the advancement of quality services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Members are accepted without discrimination on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. QIDP status is not a requirement for NAQ membership.

NAQ membership comes with a variety of benefits including: 

  • Discounts on in-person and virtual events which include educational content, networking opportunities, and access to subject matter experts   
  • Access to a member directory. 
  • 20% discount on High Tide Press products (books and media). Contact NAQ directly to receive the code.  


 Application & Annual Dues:

We currently offer two types of membership:   

  • INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPThis type of membership grants full benefits to individual professionals.  Membership dues are $55.00 annually. 
  • ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIPS This type of membership grants full benefits to an organization.  Membership dues are paid annually and vary according to the number of participating employees chosen by the organization.  The more employees who participate, the lower the annual dues per person. 
    • 1 - 6 Employees = $250
    • 7 - 14 Employees = $500
    • 15 - 25 Employees = $750
    • 26 - 50 Employees  = $1250
      • For organizations with more than 50 participating employees, the organization pays $1250 annually plus $25 per employee.  
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