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Working with Individuals who have Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and Histories of High Risk Behaviors: Session 3
Tuesday, November 22, 2022, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM CDT
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This training will introduce a system of Person Centered Dynamic Risk Manageability through which we can establish and maintain an effective balance between stable and acute dynamic risk factor and the services, supports and supervision provided to individuals with histories of high risk behaviors such as severe aggression, sexual offending and fire setting. Utilizing evidence based practices and comprehensive assessments of static and dynamic risk, this system employs person centered thinking to establish and maintain an array of services, supports and treatment that effectively and therapeutically manages the dynamic risks posed by these challenging individuals. Since dynamic risks are always changing, the system provides a mechanism to adjust the level, intensity and therapeutic nature of the services and supports being provided in order to establish and maintain a proactive balance between an individual’s level of risk and the services, supports and supervision we are providing. Utilizing the concept of a Circle of Support to establish a Circle of Support and Accountability with the individuals at the center, encourages the active cooperation of the individual in their individual plan of person centered risk manageability.

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